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OU's Dr. Terri Orbuch to host special on PBS

Friday, October 25, 2013
OU's Dr. Terri Orbuch to host special on PBS

Longtime Oakland University sociology professor Dr. Terri Orbuch – one of America’s most trusted relationship experts – will host her special, “Secrets From The Love Doctor” on Detroit Public Television in December.

Dr. Orbuch will host the special, which is part of a fund-raiser for the station, from 8-9:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12, on WTVS Detroit Public Television (Channel 56). The special is sponsored exclusively by Oakland University.

In the televised special, Dr. Orbuch will reveal some of the secrets to happy relationships. “I take the science and translate it into accessible and simple strategies for improving and enhancing relationships at every stage,” said Dr. Orbuch.

Members of the OU community will be in the studio audience during the special, and also participate in the fund-raiser, staffing the phones to accept pledges.

The Oakland community is encouraged to show support for Dr. Orbuch and Detroit Public Television by calling (800) 859-9887 during the show, or pledge online at

Dr. Orbuch blends her years of experience as a therapist with practical advice based on her own scientific research. She has written five books, including “5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great,” which will be sent to each donor making at least a $90 pledge during the Dec. 12 program.

The “Secrets From The Love Doctor” special is based on her research involving 373 married couples over 27 years as part of an ongoing, landmark study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

“I had to first condense all of the really interesting findings from the study and from my books into 60 minutes, and that was really hard because there are so many things that are interesting about what keeps people together and happy and what leads to divorce.”

This winter, Dr. Orbuch will submit a new grant to continue NIH funding for her study -- the 28th year of the project. She plans to research the changes and challenges of relationships in the later years, an area of sociology of which little is known.

Dr. Orbuch said, “My goal in being The Love Doctor and making my research accessible to real couples is to make science fun and beneficial to everyone.”