One of the easiest ways to stay engaged with Oakland University is through social media. Follow OU accounts to:

  • keep up on the great things that students and faculty are doing
  • know about alumni events and opportunities
  • share your own accomplishments with the OU community
  • Connect on Social Media

  • When
    to Use #ThisIsOU

What you can do now: 

  • Follow alumni, athletics and department accounts for more specific news and updates in those areas. Share your own industry news and updates through these accounts. See a directory.
  • Share and comment on stories about OU.
  • Put OU in your social bio (example: "proud @oaklandu alum")
  • Put OU affiliations in your company bio or your personal website.
  • Wear OU gear everywhere you go — from airports to sporting events.

While you're at an OU event:

  1. Share pictures while attending OU events using #ThisIsOU.
  2. Share posts from other attendees.
  3. Connect with fellow alums on social media.

As an alum, there are plenty of ways to use #ThisIsOU to share your story with the OU community. And your influence is greater than you may think. Current students want to see how their college experiences can shape your life and career. Prospective students want to know what their options might be and who their connections are in the workplace. And your faculty and mentors value your input and contributions.

Use #ThisIsOU when:

  • life lessons remind you of a memorable lecture or experience
  • your diploma arrives or finds itself somewhere impressive
  • you're wearing your OU gear while traveling (also a good way to stumble across other alums in different parts of the world)
  • you do a #TBT of the college years
  • you're on campus or at an OU event
  • you see OU logos at local establishments (or anywhere)
  • you meet an OU student who absolutely impresses you (because they then to do that)
  • you come across a fellow alum and you bond over the Bear Lake vs. Beer Lake debate