Jessica Roshek, SBA '10
Vice President of Lending, Genisys Credit Union

Best memory from OU:
Meeting one of my best friends, Laura, in stats class during my first year in the program. 

Prideful accomplishment:
One of my favorite accomplishments was walking across the stage in the O’rena to accept my MBA degree. With my family in the audience for support, it was such a rewarding feeling after many years of challenges and hard work.

Finish this sentence: "After OU, I..."
didn't realize how much I would miss going to class and working on assignments and projects!

A word of wisdom for graduating seniors:
To achieve true success, you cannot take short cuts or be dishonest - those things will always catch up to you. "Integrity is doing the right thing when you don't have to - when no one else is looking or will ever know - when there will be no congratulations or recognition for having done so." - Charles Marshall

Who is your hero and why?
My grandmother, Charlotte, because of her sense of charity, her spirituality, and her strong work ethic that I realized from a very young age.

Who was your favorite musical group during your time at OU?
Although not a group, Lady Gaga and her amazingly energetic first album

What was your favorite activity during recess in elementary school?
Trying to be first in line to go back inside, since I enjoyed learning in school more than recess.

What are you going to do when you retire?
Aside from traveling, I will hopefully have worked my way up to running a full marathon. I will also spend much of my time volunteering to help others in the community, whether at Leader Dogs for the Blind, a community food bank, my Church, and/or a local animal shelter.


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