OUAA Board

Board of Directors

The OUAA Board is a 24-member advisory body called upon by the university to give advice on matters relating to alumni. The board governs the Alumni Association and provides counsel and advice to the Alumni Engagement Office; president of Oakland University; Division of Development, Alumni and Community Engagement; and OU Board of Trustees.

See the list of current board members and past OUAA presidents.
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OUAA Board of Directors Nomination Form

OUAA Mission

The mission of the Oakland University Alumni Association is to enrich and engage the lives of alumni, students and friends to promote and advance Oakland University.

Corporate Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Set overall direction and develop policies for the OUAA to carry out its mission and accomplish its goals.
  • Approve OUAA budget and monitor the financial accounts.
  • Elect board officers at the annual meeting.
  • Recruit new volunteers and board members to carry out OUAA activities.

Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Alumni Association.
  • Participate and vote at biannual OUAA board meetings.
  • Serve on at least one board committee, which typically meet quarterly.
  • Support and participate in Alumni Association-sponsored activities and events.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the OUAA and Oakland University to the larger community.
  • Help build relationships and volunteer connections with the university for the OUAA.
  • Assist with recruiting and developing alumni relationships in connection with the stewardship to the university.
  • Provide an annual gift to Oakland University and assist in the board's fundraising efforts.

Term of Office

Board members serve three-year terms that are renewable, but are limited to three consecutive elected terms of office.

OUAA Board Chair

The chair of the board, formerly known as the OUAA president, is elected annually by the OUAA Board from among its members.

Become an OUAA Board Member

By serving on the OUAA Board of Directors, you:

  • commit to a leadership role serving both Oakland University and its alumni;
  • represent OU graduates to the university and in the community;
  • expand your network with other alumni;
  • acquire and enhance your leadership skills.

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